Sunday, May 28, 2006


I was at a bookstore last night and was looking up some info in The Encyclopia of Natural Medicine (I have the companion Ency. of Natural Supplements already) and was looking at what it said about asthma as my partner's cousin is dealing with really serious asthma problems. While scanning that section of the book, which also dealt with respiratory allergies, I saw mention of Candida overgrowth as a possible contributor to both conditions. I flipped to that section and it talked about how prolonged anti-biotic use can lead to pathologic overgrowths of candida in the colon which can impair food absorption. It also said this would impair liver function

It just reminded me of when I was on tetracycline in college for mild acne for longer than I was meant to. And that's around when I started having more of my health problems -- digestive issues, etc. It still might be a stretch but I bet that's part of my issue. The book mentioned that it was hard to get rid of once it was entrenched and that the immune system is hyper-reactive to it as well.

Those things are totally in parallel to what my acu has said about my situation -- though the diagnosis is phlegm obstruction (hyperactive immune system) and Spleen Qi deficiency (poor digestion, to be treated with a diet akin to a candida cleansing diet), with blood deficiency (hard time assimilating nutrients) and some Liver Qi stagnation. The diet my acu has me on includes cutting back on alcohol, fermented foods, sugar and simple carbs -- same as one does for candida.

Interesting don't you think?

My digestion is still a bit off, I think I need to get back to my cooked foods, no dairy, low wheat, low sweets, and leafy green veg diet. I've just started back on my herbs and they seem to be helping.

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