Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back from acu

My acu is so excited she gave me a hug[:)] I've been seeing her for just about a year (one of two acus who alternate in seeing me at the one practice) and she helped me through my last m/c.

I described to her all the little weirdness I've been experiencing, the random nausea and sinus issue last week, the light fever on Friday, odd aches and pains. The aches I know are related -- I've got a pain in my left foot in the spot where the point is for the uterus in reflexology; around my navel I feel a light burning sensation; above that in my girdle meridian there are little pains. The bottom of both feet just below the ball of my foot in the middle are achey, I've had that since last week -- that's a major kidney point and she said it was just that my body was drawing a lot on my reserves right now.

She did points to secure the fetus -- 3 inches up from my wrist on the inside of my arm, several points on the crown of my head, and several points around my ankles. I fell asleep for a little while even (and now I'm so tired I want a nap!)

She gave me a new herbal formula called Securing the Fetus that contains blood building and kidney nourishing herbs. She told me to bump up my blood building foods and then to use ginger if I was having any nausea symptoms. I'm also supposed to take fish oil capsules, one a day I think to help provide more omega-3s -- it's also another type of blood thinner and it's supposed to help both my body and provide good help for neural development for the baby. She said she wants to see me weekly until at least week 10.

I was thinking about all the people sending me prayers and sticky thoughts and trying to capture that in my body and use that energy. It made me get a bit misty. I really appreciate your support.

My temp was still up this morning (98.5) -- and really I think this implantation was a little earlier than last time. Tomorrow I go for another beta draw, I'll let you know when I get results back.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you! It is nice to have your support team ready to take this task on! And you can do it, even if you have to go shopping for clothes later on ;)