Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Am I making this all up?

While I was at the doctor's office this morning all of the sudden I just felt so odd -- like I must be making this up that I've got this positive pregnancy test sitting on my desk at home. I mean how ridiculous is it to have a consult scheduled already and then to test positive that morning?

But my doc was reassuring and then he called me himself (dang! that never happened ever with my RE) and let me know that my beta level was at 15 already and that it surely was something.

The appointment went well; I brought my sister along with me -- she's just back in town and I thought why the heck not. My doctor and I discussed the various options and tests we could do and he fully appreciated that I'm not a regular old OB patient. I let him know about Twyla (my new fibroid) and he wasn't too concerned just wanted to know about its placement (towards the outside of the uterine wall away from the uterine cavity).

I had 5 vials of blood drawn -- beta HCG, progesterone, ferritin, IgG and IgM. He told me to start taking a baby aspirin a day for possible preventative value (against any clotting issues I might have) and then he's likely going to prescribe me progesterone suppositories.

So far so good. I feel like I'm better hands already.

My sister told me to not read too much and my online friends are all sending me prayers which I really really appreciate so much right now.

I go for a repeat beta draw on Thursday. I don't have an ultrasound scheduled yet but I'm sure my doc will make it happen.

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Anonymous said...

Definately not making this up! A positive is a positive BFP!