Thursday, July 07, 2005
when's it gonna

My temp went down to a new low of 97.3 F this morning, a nice pre-ovulatory temp if I ever did see one. I don't get lower temps than that, if I did it would mean there was something wrong with me.

I can't wait until AF shows so that my system will be fully cleaned out. Hopefully then I'll slide back into a normal temp.

I did qigong while I was camping and it was so weird, I could feel my deficiencies. Earlier this year I could feel my liver qi excess and stagnation, this time it felt kind of empty. My heart qi was weak and on Monday morning my Spleen qi was deficient. I'm not feeling any excess, just deficiency. I've got to keep my practice up.

I've got acupuncture tomorrow AM (not today like I thought) and hopefully things will be ticking along better than normal soon enough.

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