Friday, December 09, 2005

Should I be happy or sad?

Ah sh*t I'll just be cranky, the PMS is really doing me in this month. All the acu and herbs and diet changes and here I find myself back at square one. At least I know how to manage my stress better and I can fight my anemia a little better without the heavy periods. My breasts are killing me, I'm feeling uncharitable to say the least and I would love to just go home and sulk by myself for the rest of the day.

I also think I'm coming down with a cold -- I'm sneezing and mid-LP my immunity always plummets. My theory is that it has something to do either with the hormones or the anemia or perhaps both. Progesterone compromises your immunity slightly and then with my body devoting more blood resources to building up my endometrium this time of month maybe it just tweaks my anemia and my resistance slumps. Who knows.

I've found out in the past day that two of my fibroid sisters are pregnant now, both moving along okay so it seems. I coached both of them through the pre-myo stress and now they are going to have babies. Considering how many more women with fibroids I know online who aren't getting pregnant I should be celebrating the miracle. Me, I just feel a bit dejected. I think I would rather know that someone in a similar situation to mine was having success but still it bites a bit.


Is anyone actually reading this blog? I get so few comments that it makes me feel like I'm a bad blogger or something. I appreciate the few of you who drop notes now and again. Thanks so much for your continued support.


Crystal said...

I read every day! Please keep blogging. :o) Your blog has helped give me hope even during my darkest days and on some of those days when you feel down, I feel down too. I can emphathize with you.

You can get a free counter at that will track all of your blog traffic for free and tell you how many hits you get per day, and where they are from.

Hope that helps!

Nicky said...

Hi sweetie~
I wanted to check in to see how you were. As you probably know, I haven't been on the boards for awhile. Who is PG from the fibroid sisters? It sure isn't me~~
My cycles have become worse in the sense that I am spotting immediately after O now instead of starting on 8DPO! Oh joy! So now I have about 5-6 days per cycle where I am "normal" which really sucks!! I am not doing anything or taking anything. The bright spot for me is that AF isn't as painful as it has been.

Anyway honey, I share in your sorrow & misery! Thinking of you always...

Anonymous said...

You know, I always enjoyed chatting with you and hearing your point of view in the Burr group. Since you're taking a bit of a break from that I'm been keeping up with you here.

I'm sorry things are feeling so down right now. The holidays can certainly do a number on you.

Hugs to you -

Stacy said...

I check in with you a lot! Don't stop, you have so much valuable information for other women in your situation, which I am in too.

Also you helped me through my myo fears last year on the fibroid group. You rock!!