Sunday, December 04, 2005


I know I'm out of shape, since with the miscarriages and surgery and anemia my body was feeling like hell; and then my back was terribly out of alignment as well so that caused further reasons to not want to move. I've been taking my iron for months to try to build up my iron stores but now I need to start dragging my butt out to get it moving to start gaining some more strength and endurance. Also, aerobic activity helps to promote the production of more red blood cells so provided my iron stores are closer to a normal range it should help build my blood oxygen in many ways.

I went skiing yesterday for the first time since 1989. Yes that's right, I haven't been downhill skiing since the 80's. In addition to my known fatigue I also knew that my muscles are a little weaker so I had to pay attention to how tired I was to make sure that I wouldn't injure myself by overdoing it. I only did four runs down the mountain before I finally fell (only once all day!) and decided that it was time to rest. My partner and friend went back out in the afternoon but I just rested in the lodge. On the way back home I was falling asleep in the car (unusual for me) and I went to bed at eight-o'clock and slept for eleven hours. How's that for fatigue?

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