Friday, December 16, 2005

Looking forward to sunshine

We're going away to the tropics for a couple weeks in the sun. I'm so looking forward to it and the break from work and everything, though I will miss my pets while I'm away.

My period showed up today, right when Ovusoft said it would; a little crampy in the morning but not too bad so far. A nice, average 29-day cycle.

It's hard for me to lurk on my TTC buddies, so many of them have gotten pregnant this year, even ones that had infertility problems. A fair number are still waiting in the wings as well so I don't feel a total freak but it's still pretty ouchy knowing that for some of us this is not something that happens anything close to easy.

Still, this year had things arranged in a way so that it was for the best. We had some staff turnover and our business really needed our attention. It wouldn't be an easy thing to be expecting a baby right now. And you know I wouldn't be going to the tropics right now if I was pregnant. Even AF is cooperating with the plans and should be cleared out before we leave town.

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