Thursday, October 20, 2005

Who's not disappointed?

So AF arrived today, my yeast infection cleared up with one treatment (the one that kicked in two night ago with a raging itch and burn), and I'm feeling okay but tired.

At acu this morning my acu was disappointed that I wasn't pg, she was sure from looking at my charts that we were getting closer. So we talked about my partner's MFI and low morphology, his basic health deal and she thought that getting him on some herbs would help. From the symptoms that I described to her, she said it sounds like he's got some damp heat, kidney and spleen issues. I also agree that it is time to readdress the MFI factor and make sure that we've done everything we can.

Today I feel frustrated but there's nothing I can do about that. I hope I can get my guy to do the 1/2 hour appt. and take the chinese herbs -- for some reason he seems skeptical of chinese medicine though he takes herbs for panic-anxiety and stress -- what's the difference?

I've just started my 40th cycle. Hooray for round numbers. (note sarcasm)

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