Monday, October 10, 2005


I totally had to push myself for work and of course I got sick. Sick, starting with a cough a week ago. A dry cough that progressed into bronchitis and all that fun on friday. I've missed two days of work and I still feel like crap. Mostly I'm just achy and tired right now.

You should see my tongue, it's awful pale and white coated -- in TCM this means I'm a mess. My acu said last week that it was related to my sickness.

I'm 5 dpo, actually based on my ovulation pains last week I would say I'm already at 6dpo tonight. At any rate, do you think Robitussin DM affects implantation?

Is it possible to get a BFP in the middle of this misery? Actually my partner got sick as well and he never gets sick so I think it was just a really nasty virus going around the office.

Here's to feeling better quickly.

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