Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Busy, busy.

Work is ceaselessly busy right now. It makes it hard to stay relaxed, rested and the like. Still, it's a lot better than when I was younger, or when I was dealing with my fibroid. I can deal so much better now.

I'm drinking my pre-ovulatory tea twice daily, taking my prenatal vitamins and iron supplements, temping each morning, charting CF, using the fertility monitor (starting in a couple days) and then I've got my acupuncture treatments. Qigong has been off the radar for a while, other than doing breathing exercises when I remember, lately almost every day, and then some movement sequences occasionally. Classes started up again last week but work has prevented me from being able to go. Maybe in a few weeks. I did make an effort to go for a jog with my dog tonight. She loved it so much, I love to watch her run -- she's 15 years old already.

I can't believe that I ovulate again next week. When will this endless dog track end. When will the rabbit die?

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