Tuesday, October 11, 2005

TCM Tongue Diagnosis Tool

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the practitioner is trained to read signs of your health from your tongue. It's a little odd at first but it isn't without any parallel in Western medicine -- when I contracted Salmonella poisoning in France back in 2000 the French doctor asked me to stick out my tongue and he knew right away what my illness was. My tongue then was coated with a thick grey coating, it looked so awful.

One of my online buddies found this great tongue diagnosis tool which helps you figure out what's going on with your body based on signs on your tongue.

You will want a mirror in a well lit area when you do it, plus write down notes as you go as it tells you things on each screen but it doesn't give you a summary of what it all means.

Tongue Diagnosis Tool

My diagnosis right now using this tool is blood deficiency and dampness with substantial phlegm, deficient Qi and Yin, Heat or blood Stagnation in the lower Jiao (lower belly). I've got to stay the course on my TCM diet right now and nourish myself to help get rid of some of this stuff.

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