Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I went away to New York for the weekend, to visit my parents and brother and a few friends. It was an emotional time for me, the first time I've been home since my two miscarriages and my surgery. I'll have to post more about it when I have a chance, I wrote a bunch down on the way home on the plane.

My partner and I had dinner together last night and went for a walk and talked about stuff. We talked about the TTC stuff and when we should try again. I told him that we might need to wait and that listening to one album on the ipod on the way back reminded me of when we didn't have all this TTC crap in our lives. I asked him what he thought and he said that it was up to me, if I want to try he will try and if I want to stop trying then we can do that. We both laughed about the irony that after all we have been through now we have to worry about getting pregnant. I told him that maybe he should just get another vas done. He said that he didn't like how all our recent attempts and failures have been making me so miserable so if I thought that I could make it through with another loss or two we should keep trying but if not then maybe we need to just take a break.

My friend who I saw on Monday said she was sorry that TTC had been such a physically painful thing compared to all the other people she know who have had trouble conceiving. With my great-aunt we talked a bit about what the future might hold for me if it doesn't include children.

It's hard being 35 and having to deal with all this; less time to just step aside and let things happen so it feels. I suppose it just won't get any easier. I'll see how it goes at my doctor appt in the morning. I'm going to ask a lot of questions.

My partner and I have been more lovey since I've been back though and that's a blessing. Things were a little strained due to the m/c as it can happen. In spite of all the family crap, taking a break and even crying some both seemed to help.

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Anna H. said...

I'm so glad that you're resting and taking care of yourself -- if you feel like pausing, then pause you should.

I hope the Dr's appt went well.