Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I had my scan and there was a gestational sac with a little bit of schmutz in it but it dated 2 weeks behind (5w 4d instead of 7w 2d). I'll have a repeat scan in a week just to be sure but based on my beta numbers at 14/16 dpo and all its not looking at all favorable at this point.

I talked to a nurse about it and she thought that perhaps the delayed ovulation might have resulted in a poorer egg. I told her about how I had been having hormonal weirdness all year since my surgery which was why I tried the vitex under supervision of my acupuncturist.

She said that likely I will miscarry on my own, but the jury is still out. There is a vague (almost nil) chance that it was late implantation but that doesn't really jive with my beta numbers.

My symptoms haven't increased in over a week, in fact they have levelled out. I've been across this bridge before -- d&c, bleeding, cramps, etc. But this time would surely be less physically uncomfortable without the fibroid.

Oh well. Thanks for your prayers.

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Anna H. said...

Oh Agness, I'm so, so sorry.

You are in my thoughts...