Friday, May 27, 2005

So I had an A-HA moment this morning. I was seriously showing a lot earlier last time, which makes sense with the normal swelling of the uterus and growth of the sac and placental tissue but I also had a fibroid so my uterus was already enlarged to about 3.5 months pg equivalent in size, and it surely got up to around 5 months pg in size by 8 weeks post O. This is so much easier this time around.

What a relief!!

You can see how I was feeling at this point of my pregnancy in my post from last year.

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Anna H. said...

Dear Agness,

My damn Bloglines didn't show you having any new posts for ages -- until today. And here I see you're pregnant! I'm going to go back and catch up with your archives, but wanted to offer you my heartfelt congratulations...

I read all of your myo entries in April because I had one on May 9; they helped enormously in getting myself prepared for the operation, so I wanted to thank you for that.

Ok, off to catch up!