Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm feeling okay. My thyroid feels very active, earlier today I had to pee and was thirsty at the same time and I'm a little extra emotional/irrational.

I walked down to where my partner is working yesterday and tried calling him but he didn't answer and didn't call back and I decided he was having an affair and at the same time I knew that was a totally crazy thing to think. He was at a client meeting in another city. It's just the wacky hormones.

I also have been hot while sleeping, also peeing a bit more and I have moments of pelvic twinges and bloating that comes and goes. If I push myself too long without a rest in the early evening I get hot flushes that are very odd. My acupuncturist said it is due to yin deficiency. I'm taking care to lay down and relax.

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