Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ovulation, eventually.

I took vitex for about 5-6 days and it really did help stop my breasts from hurting. But then when it gave me a headache I stopped taking it. It took me an additional 5-6 days until my body ovulated this cycle which was on May 1 or 2, so no ovulation in April.

After I ovulated I was exhausted for a few days. Really, really exhausted. Like after a full nights sleep wanting to lay down in my office at work and nap. I wasn't on herbs or meds or anything. The second day of that I did go home in the afternoon and fell right asleep. I woke and went to a community meeting and then went back to bed for another 10 hours.

When I saw my acu for my weekly visit I asked him what was up. He said that my kidney yang was depleted, that is the warming energy that heats things up during the luteal phase. He did some moxa and other heated needle work on me and told me to have more cinnamon. That seemed funny to me too but it worked. I had a lot more energy on Thursday. Friday, well that was another story.

Friday I was dealing with a deadline and some really nasty horrible moody feelings. Kind of miserable really -- I can't be the only one who feels this way during their luteal phase. Saturday I was still a bit on a downer note but then in the afternoon I decided to kick my own a$$ and make myself do things that would make me feel better. I decided to cook dinner for our extended family and give some gifts. You know, it worked. Then I spent a good amount of time on Sunday exercising, washing the car, working on home improvement projects, and baking. I've been much better this whole week thank goodness.

My basel temps were awful though, not only that but they were tanking when they should have been at their peak for a non-pregnant cycle. I started using my natural progesterone cream Sunday night (it was part of my original plan for this cycle but I somehow didn't get around to it), and my temps have been up all week into a reasonable range. I think that this cycle is a total nogo but what the heck do I know. I'm on 10 dpo so technically I'm still in the reasonable range for implantation.

I'm tired of all the energy that I've put into TTC right now though. And with all the grief and healing that I had to do (physical and emotional) my work really bore the brunt and now we are all feeling it. I had to change my priorities, so for now I'm feeling a lot quieter.

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