Monday, December 20, 2004

Pregnancy and infant loss in the news

I just wanted to make note of an observation I had while watching the news today. Both the case of the murder-kidnapping of that fetus as well as a big arson case in Maryland have suspects who are dealing with pregnancy and infant loss. It sort of points out to me the great anger, grief and confusion that losing babies causes; and the lack of something to help people cope with their loss.

The suspect in the arson lost a baby at the beginning of the year and said something to authorities that the person who lit the fires likely had suffered a great loss. If it is true he did this and the two instances are related I can only imagine how hard the past year has been for him -- not excusing the actions though.

And the murder-kidnapping suspect, going from murder to parading the infant around the next day. The fact that her family didn't know it wasn't hers, that she had a pg loss and then was able to convince them that it must have been a mistake...while what she did was awful and macabre, it is just an extreme action paralling the extreme confusion and grief that pregnancy loss can do. It's almost like the very bad and black thoughts overtook her.

It seems we need to do more to help support people experiencing pregnancy and infant loss -- yeah there are crazy people out there, but if there was a better understanding of what people go through when they experience this kind of loss maybe there will be less anger, hurt and depression and more healing.

Perhaps I'm rambling, I just needed to get that out.

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