Sunday, January 09, 2005

Since I got pg last spring I've noticed some changes in my cycle. Some of the changes are hard to know if they are sticking around since I had retained tissue until my surgery and second d&c in November and my body is still healing from the surgery. Still, there are some things like fibrocystic breasts that I've not experienced since before my BFP.

Here's what I've noticed:


AF is heavy but fluctuates between flooding, clotting, heavy flow and medium flow and lasts at least 7 days
Goes directly from period (AF for Aunt Flo) into lots of cervical fluid (CF)
Copious fertile quality CF for 5 days before ovulation
Full, sore breasts during luteal phase (LP)
Really moody during LP
Pimples on chin during LP
Nightsweats during LP
Half day of spot before AF arrives


AF is really heavy and fluctuates between straight blood (bright red), little to no clotting, heavy flow and medium flow and lasts at least 6 days
Slow start on CF after AF, definately drier
CM for 5 days before ovulation, mostly creamy and not really wet
Pimples on chin around ovulation
Scant EWCF for a day or two at most
Full breasts in the LP, they don't hurt
Tired during LP
Faint pimples on chin during LP
Nightsweats during LP and throughout the cycle
Several days of spot before AF arrives

I'm going to be working with my acupuncturist again starting this week, hopefully that helps out a lot. I've been trying to address my post-surgery depletion with my diet as well but I may have to meet with my naturopath if I think I need more help on that end of things. It's so wacky to have things be so different even though my diet and lifestyle isn't that different.

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