Saturday, November 20, 2004

14+ days post op

So I had my post-op visit yesterday morning and everything was good, she said I looked great. She said removing my retained POC was very difficult because of the fibroid and that there was no way for my uterus to expel the tissue on its own based on how the fibroid was positioned filling the interior of the uterus. So my prospects for a normal vaginal delivery were probably slim to none since my uterus couldn't contract well, or at least I would have had a complicated delivery. I was sooooo uncomfortable when I was pg with the rapid fibroid growth and the pregnancy having to grow off to the side because that was the only way my uterus would move, next time should be a lot better.

My doc also said that my uterus will be enlarged for a while, shrinking back some but that it would never be the size of a normal unpregnant uterus since the fibroid made the muscle wall have to grow larger. Maybe I'll be extra fertile now though, the interior of my uterus will be one vast space with lots of room for an embryo to settle in.

She said I could remove the steri strips in the shower or bath, I just pulled them off carefully when they were dry, the adhesive was already starting to go. Uncovering the incision though made it burn more, I think this is partly due to my nerves regrowing right now --
they have to cut through some in the skin there and they may or may
not grow back completely. I had to take the 600mg ibuprofen and after an hour that wasn't helping so I took a percocet and it really helped take the edge off the pain. My father said he had that same burning sensation as he healed from his triple by-pass a few years ago. The incision looks great and I don't think that it will show that much at all in a few months.

She agreed that starting trying to conceive (TTC) again in February
sounded like a good idea and that we should try for a few months on
our own before going back for any more fertility consultations. After having way too much medical attention over the past 6 months (due mostly to the pregnancy/miscarriage) and way, way too many blood draws for my liking, now I'm in a holding pattern and it feels so strange to be told that I'm healthy and back on my own. Not that I liked being not well but you do sort of get adapted to fitting in the medical care when things go wrong. Yeah to be healthy again though!

Oh and I guess it was around 11 days post op that I started to feel
more myself and I've been less fatigued and able to do more around
the house, tidying up, cooking, light cleaning, etc.

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