Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Recap of my pre- and post-surgical treatment

The day before my surgery I did go for acupuncture. I like my acupuncturist and my body responds well to his treatment. He said that my nervous system was a bit overactive -- but that was to be expected.

I've been taking the arnica since the day of surgery, at least 2 times a day now. I took the phosphorus C the night before, and started on Traumogen (vitamins to aid healing from Thorne) the night before as well. I had no nausea from the anaesthesia, and I only threw up twice, once from the PCA meds and once from the percocet. I've been taking iron with C and Traumogen every day since my operation 2-3 times a day.

I did have some bruising around the incision as I was healing, but that's gone away now, as has most of the swelling. I hope this doesn't freak you out but I've been taking photos of my incision as I'm healing and thought you might be interested.

Myomectomy Scar Photos First Two Weeks Post Operation

On day 3 you can see that my belly is very round. Two days later a lot of that swelling has gone away and the bruising showed up. The colors got pretty bright and multicolored by day 7, as bruises often do. By yesterday the bruising is gone and the swelling is mostly just above the incision.

Oh, I've been also doing some Qi Gong breathing, deep breathings to fill my lungs -- at least once a day. And you want to make sure that you stay connected to your uterus after you are out of surgery and think about sending it healing energy -- I guess some people disassociate from their wounded parts sometimes and it interferes with healing. Read this article about Qi Gong and surgery, I found it very interesting.

Medical Qigong Therapy & Surgery

Post op, stay away from cookies, candy -- simple carbs. I found that my body didn't want them anyway. Drink cranberry/pomegranate/grape juices to help prevent a bladder infection.

I also did guided imagery with the help of a CD my fibroid sister Deborah sent me in a care package. I told people about my surgery and asked them to pray for me and send healing thoughts. I also tolds people when and where I would be treated, and when to expect me home with my phone number so people could call. I felt very supported and warm for the days before and after my surgery.

You can get through this too.

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