Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Kid

The scan shows s/he's measuring 3.5 cm right now.

When the baby came up my partner's first reaction was "he looks just like me" LOL, what is he thinking. It's nice that he had such a strong sense of affiliation with his unborn.

The doc said that we're not out of the woods just yet, but that everything looks great.

Let's see what else, we met with a nurse first who gave us this booklet from the hospital and all these brochures to look at. Then she started asking questions and explaining things to us like we were going to have a baby. You have to imagine what it was like for us, as we were both sitting there thinking that maybe we would have a kid but then maybe the sky was about to fall again. In my head I was like "blah, blah, blah...yeah whatever if you want to pretend we are having a baby" It was very surreal as she just went on about this and that.

They asked about genetic defects and testing in several ways. I think we're going to do the first trimester screening where they look at a few measurements including primarily the nuchal translucency screening, plus some blood work to rule out big issues (hopefully). I've seen how women get online when they get results that put them in the possible range for an issue and it isn't pretty. That's my key hesitation. I'd have to do it in the next couple of weeks and they gave me all the codes to run it by my insurance company.

My doc started going on about appointment frequency and delivery and then I reminded him that I was a mandatory c-section -- unless of course he was feeling daring. He assured me that he was not. I gave him a copy of this article I read through an Ovusoft link this morning about a "natural c-section" and told him that I didn't know that I wanted to necessarily do something like that but perhaps he might find it interesting and we could discuss it later. We also brought up with the doc about how my partner didn't like being there for the d&c with the vacuum and not being on good drugs like I was -- he understood. At least this way we can address it as we get closer to delivery, about how we can make sure my partner is comfortable with the plan.

My next ob appt is in a month about. Sheesh, I would be in the second trimester then already.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.

That picture took my breath in--it's amazing. So real. So very really real. I can't even write the words about how excited I am for you.


Anonymous said...

Congrats again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article link on a natural csection. It was very interesting. I had the blood test for 35 and older as well as the level 2 u/s. I took the tests to prepare me for any abnormalites in my baby.All went well. The level 2 u/s was very neat we got to see her and of course we found out that she was a she. But that is where we saw the fibroid so it was a mixed blesssing. I pray that your fibroid stays at bay.

Caprice said...

I'm sending love to your little miracle. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing your u/s pictures. You are 4 weeks+ ahead of me, so I know what I *hopefully* have to look forward to.
Congrats, again and I hope that sooner rather than later you feel safe enough to bond with your pregnancy. I'm not there yet, either, but I am hopeful that with continued good news it will come.

Anonymous said...


Theres a baby inside of you! Amazing photo of your baby, and I am not sure if he/she looks like Randy. Too early for me to tell ;)

I am soo happy for you!!


P.S. So when does mom get to go shopping for some comfy clothes?