Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Six Things About Me

Baby Lust tagged me so I'm going to participate in this blog meme.

1. I'm a morning person who doesn't like to get to work before 9am. When I was in school I really hated going to school before 9am. I'm not sure why since I wake up fairly early but I like a nice, quiet, slow morning.

2. I'm competitive about my artwork and creative endeavors. It's one of the only areas of my life that can work me up into tears if I feel like I'm not doing well enough. I'm not that way about many things, though often I have high standards. I want to be one of the best, within reason of course.

3. I was thinking about this tonight on the way home from French class but ever since my second miscarriage last year it frequently comes into my mind. And not just any part of it but the part where I'm in the shower and it's worse than the scene from the movie Psycho. That downstairs bathroom is forever marked in my mind with that event. (Commercials or things on TV about the movie Psycho also bug me now and I have to change the channel)

4. I don't like showering every day, I'll go every other day. I get cold coming out of the shower and I really don't like that. Also washing my hair everyday leaves it hard to manage.

5. I don't much like washing dishes and when I do I wear rubber gloves. I was a summer intern in high school at a college biology lab and got to grow bacterial cultures and since then dirty dishes and dishwater freak me out.

6. When I get sick I apologize to my body for not treating it better and I really think about it on the cellular level. I feel like my body is really a the sum of many different organisms with all the little cells in it. I'm weird I know.

I don't have anyone to tag in the infertility world right now. Feel free to tag yourself or post your own list in response to this one in the comments if you don't have a blog of your own.

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