Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm all crampy and yucky feeling, just waiting for AF to start up and just about dying I'm so uncomfortable. Okay, yes I'm being melodramatic but I feel crummy and I can't sleep. I'm CD 32 and spotting, 17 dpo. Nope, not pg I tested when AF didn't show on Monday just so I didn't get all antsy about it.

So I've got two theories and both are possibly as to why AF was late this week.

1) my body was waiting for the full moon.

2) my L2/L3 in my feet has been aching in the evenings which has never happened before (though I've pretty much found thong sandals to be uncofortable -- pressing on L2?) My body felt like it was trying to start AF on Monday but it got stuck for two days and I felt awful. Finally it showed up last night but it was dark red and a bit thick instead of bright red and fluid. I broke open TIC last night and it looks like with all the recent stress, long hours and compromised diet/not taking my herbs that I might have accentuated my blood stasis/Liver qi stagnation issues -- which are associated with fibroid btw.

Both things could be the reason. I'm so relieved to have it start. The waiting reminded me of my m/c last June where I was waiting to start the miscarriage process and then waiting to pass the tissue -- bad memories for sure.

I made an appt with my acu on friday to review and revise my treatment accordingly. Sigh. If it isn't one thing it is something else...

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