Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dang that hurts like a b*tch! (HSG Report)

I'm just back home from my HSG and what is there to report... I found it really painful again but thankfully I'm not having deep seated cramps right now (they made my knees weak last time three years ago). I had some bleeding/spotting right away afterwards which hopefully will stop before the end of the day.

The test showed that both tubes were open. Imagine the likelihood of that with all the mucking about in my woomba that's gone on in the past couple of years. The uterine shape looked pretty normal otherwise, no funny distortions from adhesions or fibroids this time.

I think they would have let my partner in to watch but since recents reports have said that it is best to limit your lifetime exposure to radiation, including x-rays, it's all for the best. And, as I said to my RE, I have found the HSG to be way more physically painful than a d&c since they sedate you for the d&c. It's over quick but DANG! OUCH! OW! OH! EEEEE! and THAT HURTS! I don't know who the people are who say it is no big deal, I hate it.

Also, a word to the wise, even if you can drive afterwards and go back to work doesn't mean that you should a) go by yourself or b) plan on going back to work. If your scan shows something is wrong, or if you have a strange reaction to the dye (such as weak knees or low blood pressure) then you will most certainly want someone there to take care of you. I'm staying at home the rest of the day and soon I will be taking a nap.


nikole said...

I'm sorry that the test was so painful for you. I agree--who are these strong, stoic souls who make the rest of us feel like wimps? I hope your recovery was quick, and I'm glad that everything looked pretty normal. Glad to hear the tubes are clear.

agness said...

Hi Nikole. Thanks for your note. I was so tired afterwards that I fell asleep for four hours. I think jet lag from my trip to NYC was partly to blame there. I'm still feeling a little abdominal pressure right now but doing okay.

Momma Bee said...

So sorry for the tough times of late, and the general difficult time of year. Do what you need to for yourself, and your grief.

Jen said...

Ann, I'm so sorry that the HSG was painful. I'm glad you slept, though, and hope that today is a bit better. Bittersweet in having your tubes clear, no? {{hugs}}

Crystal said...

Glad to hear all was clear on the tube front.