Thursday, January 19, 2006

Easing Into It

I've been trying to ease my brain into the idea that it might be time to go that route, the possible IUI/Clomid route (and who knows what else). Even though we did it on our own twice there are reasons for us to see about other options as the clock keeps ticking.

I've been trying to slowly give my partner more info about it, he sometimes acts like he knows everything so I try not to jump on him with too much info. The other night he told me to hand him something to read so I reached in my nighstand and a copy of Conceive magazine was there and I gave them to him while I brushed my teeth. He read the ad for Preseed and saw how bad Astroglide is for sperm and he was like "I didn't know that!" To which I replied that I had told him over and over and even suggested that we try Preseed a year ago and he said no. He then said "Yeah but I didn't know you meant that bad"

Yesterday I sent him links to the three main fertility clinics in our area -- I've seen docs at all three. My partner and I talked about it briefly last night and he said that our greatest issue was with the profession and not the doctor per se, so he thought we should stick with Dr. Marshall who did my surgery and just coax her into trying things our way for the progesterone. I'm friends with one of the nurses in the office so that's a help too. Still, I loathe having to go back in. I had that consult last April where they told me to hang tight for a while and then got pg right after that and then lost it. My last appointment with the RE was in July, and then the ob/gyn appt but that was just for a pap.

I'll just have to ease myself back in slowly.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up Agnes. Most of the infertile sites are women under 35, in some cases, ridiculously under 35. You are not alone.