Monday, November 14, 2005

I hate this time of the cycle

Actually I've gotten to where I hate most times during my cycle, though honestly Amy period is at least old hat at this point (after 21 years in September!). I'm grouchy at ovulation, I'm moody during my luteal phase, even the pre-ovulatory time of month can get my goat. I think that it's always been this way but I didn't know so much about what was going on with my hormonal system -- is it really this good to be so in tune with one's hormonal fluctuations.

At any rate I'm at 11dpo today and yesterday my basel temp dipped below my coverline (how's that for jargon for your non sympto-thermal charters) and then this morning I had a wee little temp rise again but only by a few degrees (97.8 to 98.0 -- actually my temp was 98.1 overnight but then it dropped by 6:30 this morning). So I'm straddling something vaguely interesting again, part of me wanting it to be something and a lot of me knowing that I may well get my period by the end of the week.

I have no home pregnancy tests at home at any rate, my friend told me to wait until I had a couple days of temps after the rise and then to see. I live and work within walking distance of six drugstores so if I want one I can get one any time. By the way, I hate buying pregnancy tests, especially when the checkout person is a guy. They sort of search your face for a moment and try to figure out if you are testing because you hope you are or if you hope you are not. For me though, I feel both things at the same time -- at it all feels incredibly emotionally loaded to me either way. At least when you buy sanitary napkins they will usually look away, not trying to draw attention to the feminine hygiene products.

There's just no winning.

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