Wednesday, November 16, 2005


That's Big Fat Negative for you who are not yet indoctrinated into the web fertility acronyms. I bought a test this morning as my temps had been rising the past three days, not to the stellar 98.6 temp that has shown up when I'm pregnant, just back up to 98.3 from a low of 97.8 (below coverline). It was so very negative that test, it's the kind that you just keep staring at and hoping that something is going to come from the nothingness but then it stares back at you blankly.

I called my acupuncturist's office and cancelled my last two schedule appointments. I'm now waiting for Aunt Flo and starting my psychological break from trying to conceive. We'll see how I'm feeling in the new year I think, then probably go back in to see the RE.


Crystal said...

That sucks..I'm sorry. :o(. I understand exactly what you are talking about when you state that it stares at you very blandly. It's almost a taunting stare.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog has brought up alot of the same feelings I have been having but have been trying to shut out. I've had a particularly rough & discusting cycle with spotting every day but 3 days out of 25!! Insane.
I keep thinking if I try not to care so much that maybe it will happen. Is it too much to expect a reason for our IF? All I want is an answer. Maybe then I could accept & move on. I feel so trapped.
Sorry about the BFN...thinking of you my friend!