Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some more miscarriage links

Check it out, lots of interesting information about early scans, percentage rates of various situations, etc.

Management of Early Pregnancy and Loss

Page of stats about miscarriage

First Trimester Miscarriage from Dr. Spoock

Dr Alan Beer is mentioned in the book Coming to Term as a repeat loss specialist. I took a quiz on the site and it said that it wasn't likely that I had an immunological reason for my losses. Probably pretty accurate for me, though the mention of retained tissue leading to an immune reaction (at link below) kinda freaked me out since I had retained tissue for so long with my first loss.

I found this page about RPL testing with posts from patients which is interesting

I'm CD 15 today and feeling heavy with achey ovaries. I started spotting yesterday and I can't wait until AF shows up as at least that will indicate that things will soon be better. I've got acu in the morning, hopefully that will help. I hope I feel better by the weekend when my MIL is in town.

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