Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Training my fertility monitor

My last cycle using my fertility monitor, the third cycle using it, was unusual and it threw the monitor off a bit. As you might recall I had high estradiol and a delayed ovulation (CD22) brought on by vitex that cycle, the same cycle I got pregnant.

I wanted to use my monitor this cycle to see how my hormones were doing and see if everything was back on track finally. Today was CD9 and finally it asked me for a test; usually I would start testing on CD6 or so. Today's test registered at a high day, pretty normal for mid-follicular phase. I'm due to ovulate next Monday/Tuesday (CD15/16) and hopefully it will be less hormonally challenging and with a lot less discomfort this time around.

Hopefully a more normal cycle will get this monitor back on track with me and then next cycle when we consider trying again it might be of some use. (It's so hard not to try this cycle speaking only from an opportunistic and competitive standpoint but really I need to have a rest for a little while longer and I would not do well with another loss right now so I'll just continue to bench myself for a while longer.)

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