Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm doing okay.

I had my acu appointment yesterday and the practitioner asked how I was doing about my recent loss. I told her I was feeling a bit confused still about it, as to whether or not anything could have been done and that the idea of meeting with my RE makes me mad (if there was something she could have done last time why didn't she just do it). I'm feeling better than I have for weeks and I think the nice weather and having the workmen out of our house has helped with that. I've actually been doing housework again, I was slacking for a long while and the house was showing it.

I told her that my SP6 had been bothering me (point a couple inches above the ankle bone on the inside of your leg, a point associated with ovulation and the joining of the kidney, spleen and liver channels) and also the kidney points in the indentation on the insides of my ankles had been throbbing. She put in a bunch of needles and I felt better after that. She said my liver pulse was a little wirey but it tends to feel that way for most people, but the most problems were my spleen, blood and kidney were weak.

Today I will start going to qigong class again. I've been doing some on my own but haven't been to class since March.

My fear right now, and not at the forefront of my mind but just there, is whether or not I'm destined to keep losing my pregnancies. We're a couple weeks away from TTC again so that's what comes to mind (as if we should be so lucky to get pg again on the first try[:|]). I told my acu yesterday that I just don't see how the next time will be any different at this point.

I'm supposed to go in to talk to my RE but I don't see the point. I should do it anyway and not be so arrogant because maybe she'll have something interesting to say. I was thinking of bringing in my list of symptoms and see what she says about it -- I'm sure many of them she won't have any idea about though they are recognized as symptoms in TCM.

I'm making myself drink more water, struggling still but trying. I don't get thirsty and it really isn't healthy for me to be so dehydrated.

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