Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Birth control patch linked to higher fatality rate/ Estrogen thickens blood?

Birth control patch linked to higher fatality rate
Report: Device has three times greater risk of stroke, blood clot
than pill

"Blood clots are an accepted risk from hormonal birth control because estrogen promotes blood coagulation."

Had you heard this about estrogen? In Traditional Chinese Medicine
blood stasis as one of the causes of fibroids. Chinese herbs that I
took last year that did cause a reduction in my fibroid size included blood thinners (which I noted since I used them during my period accidentally and had some crazy bleeding for a few hours). Very interesting...


Since I'm Ms. Infertility I've had lots of blood work done to check
on my hormones, I've tested borderline low for progesterone and
elevated estradiol (at least at last check)

How many of you have had your cycle day three bloodwork done by the
way? It's a common panel dones for women who are trying to conceive,
especially when you are experiencing infertility, but I'm not sure
how common it is for regular ob/gyn care. I don't expect that many
women to have had their progesterone level checked (7 days post
ovulation), another common blood test done for fertility. I just
wonder how many of us are running around with hormonal imbalances
that are going unchecked, treatable perhaps by diet and lifestyle

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