Thursday, April 21, 2005

Vitex and herb form

After consultation with my acupuncturist, I am taking a liquid vitex (chase berry) extract from Herb Pharm, they are a reputable grower of medicinal herbs in Oregon. We aren't sure if it will work for me, my acupuncturist said it doesn't totally match my pattern in TCM but was okay with a trial.

I've heard that the less processed the herb or vitamins are the better, the best being cooked whole herbs, then liquid and then prepared capsules (unless they are custom prepared for you). I think that as long as they are high quality and agreeing with you though, so that you actually take them regularly is the most important thing.

I know that it is already working for me after less than one day (amazing but true as my breasts aren't hurting any longer) and I'm looking forward to even more benefits over the next few months if I don't get knocked up in the meantime.

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