Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Jumpin' Jiminy! Supplements work!

So don't think I'm an idiot for not knowing sooner, I got the last test results over the phone in May 2004 and we got pg that same cycle so it wasn't like we were having to pay too much attention.

I met with the nurse practitioner this morning and she was of the same opinion as my partner -- that my fibroid was a big impediment to our fertility so having it out really changes the lay of the land. She agreed that unless we were feeling really impatient that the best course of action is to just keep trying on our own and give things a chance to work on their own. She pulled up my partners last s/a results and I was surprised to see the results -- his last test did include a morphology check and it had jumped up to 5%!

Concentration49 mill/ml36 mill/ml
Morphology2% Kruger5% Kruger
ProgGrade 2Grade 2

So, I really need to look at this like we're just starting over. Being 34 means that our fertility is a bit less than prime but the nurse thought waiting until August before re-evaluating was totally reasonable. She advised me to go get a pelvic exam and a pap and then to just keep timing things properly and something should happen. I sure as heck hope so.

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