Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm feeling like working from home today. Talking to my SIL really stirred up some emotion for me and I feel like I need to be away from people right now. My partner said to me last night that I've been grouchy for days, though I've only noticed that I've been very tired -- though I do get grouchy when I'm tired. I didn't tell him about my conversation with my SIL, just telling my online buddies about it was hard enough -- each time it just opens up the waterworks again and I just need a break from it. I've been almost feeling like I should take a break from charting and even the board too, though I know I couldn't do it easily. I think I need a vacation -- 10 days in Europe sounds nice. Do you know that I'm having a hard time at work right now too, I'm supposed to right all these proposals for new work and I just can't do it. I feel like nothing matters and I don't even understand what people in business want anymore -- it all seems so trivial and petty to me, like "who cares". It's probably just another phase of grief, recovery and acceptance.

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