Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I had Qi Gong practice last night and my instructor explained how to use the five elements. It was very interesting to learn how each organ system is associated with colors and elements and I think this will really help me out with my meditation. Here's a great page that explains the basics of the Five Elements.

Then this morning I had my acupuncture appointment. Some things had markedly improved from my treatment last week but I had some other things that needed adjusting and he totally knew what to do. I had swollen glands in my neck from my cold that were bothering me and now they feel clear and normal. From the moment he put in the first few needles I felt my body start shifting my energy around, it felt like I was going from disorganized to synchronized in a matter of minutes. Now I feel warm, smooth and even more happy. I have a faint headache just behind my eyes though, I bet something is still kinked up somewhere.

I'm doing both Qi Gong and acupuncture to try to regain health, rebalance after all of the health problems from last year and also to try to get my body to be stronger and less flimsy in general. Meditation is more sporadic but I do it with a friend of mine when we get it together. Improved health is going to take a lot of ongoing practice but I'm hopeful that I'll get balance someday.

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