Sunday, December 05, 2004

4+ Weeks Post Myo

Another report on how I'm recovering -- hopefully this helps people who are considering the procedure.

I retured to work part-time one week ago. I got tired and sore by the afternoon and was sure to go home. During the rest of the week I noticed that day by day I had more stamina and less pain -- it seems that the pain picks up if my body needs a rest. I was able to work almost a full day on Friday without any problem and then my uterus where I had the incision started aching so I headed home. In contrast, my first shopping trip 8 days post-op I felt lightheaded and really tired after a couple hours out of the house. My second shopping trip 18 days post op I was out for a few hours on my own and got really tired and flushed feeling -- that's when you know you need to head home.

Saturday I took it easy, just doing light housework and cooking plus lots of knitting. Yesterday I went shopping for several hours and it was only after I tried on a bunch of different pants (after having been out for some time) that I started feeling achy. I handed over the items I was going to purchase to my partner to carry and then went home. I was feeling a little tired but I wanted to get a tree for Christmas so I drove out to do that and just had the staff carry and load it for me in to the car. I took a rest when I got home and finished stringing popcorn for the tree and then after making dinner I decorated the tree and vacuumed downstairs (I had my partner bring the vacuum downstairs for me).

Every day I'm feeling more and more myself. The pain from the adhesions behind my incision in my skin seem to be breaking up a little bit and I think my skin might be adapting/growing to that situation as well. I still haven't had my period but hopefully this week. When I had my d&c for my miscarriage in July it took 50 days to get my period, I think my body tends to take it slowly and get everything back in alignment before it continues.

I had sex once so far and it wasn't bad at all -- we did it spooning, on our sides which takes all pressure off of my belly. The only reason we've only had the one go is because our sleep schedules are different so I'm tired when he's just getting interested (sound familiar anyone?).

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