Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We had our NT scan on Friday and in spite of my feelings that something terrible was going to be discovered -- mostly fears that the baby had died -- our little one was big and healthy looking, jumping, turning, and wiggling around. It was a relief. The NT measurement was .9 mm which is a nice low number; the crown to rump length was 50 mm another reasonable number. The legs were proportioned nicely and we did see the nasal bone, so I'm thinking that from a soft marker standpoint baby is looking really good. I could see the chambers of the heart as he wiggled back and forth as well.

I've been feeling pretty well, mostly fatigued but I try to get to bed early. My appetite slowed down a bit last week, and I haven't been nauseous at all if I just eat a little bit every couple of hours and stay hydrated. I struggling with drinking enough fluids. Tea I can get down about half a cup; water is okay if I sip it; juice is okay but I usually dilute it so it isn't too sweet; my favorite go-to beverage is club soda with Rose's Lime Juice.

I do have a cold right now, with aches even, but I know it isn't a flu. It is some bad cold that is going around through the preschool set as Jonah caught it and half of his class was out sick with it last week. I've been using a little bit of nasal decongestant spray at night, plus saline spray during the day, to help keep it in check. A hot water bottle helps with the aches in my legs.

I'm in the midst of preschool selection for Jonah and I think I found a good one. It is a small program, blended ages (3-5) with a Montessori-based approach. I think it will be a nice fit for Jonah and they have easy access to a great park for outdoor play. So many Seattle preschools only have tiny yards to play in.

Since the new baby is due just a few weeks before school starts I have been looking at drop-off preschool instead of coop. I think it will help give our family some extra bandwidth to adjust to the new addition and let me have some good baby-bonding time.

I really wonder how different it is going to feel this time around -- Jonah got the best of everything -- time, cuddling, etc. The new baby will have the benefit of a loving big brother though. I wasn't pushing trying to conceive too quickly though we were not preventing for a long time. I sort of wanted Jonah to be more independent by the time we might have a second child. It does rather limit our childbearing time though as I'll be just 40 when the new one arrives.

I feel blessed enough. If it was 30-40 years ago we couldn't have had children at all given our surgical needs, though perhaps we would have tried conceiving sooner and maybe my partner wouldn't have had a vasectomy in the first place. So hard to know.

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