Sunday, April 13, 2008

14 Months Old

I can't believe that its been over a year since Jonah joined our family. I also can't believe that he's been pottying for a year as well. I think back to different points over the past year and its funny to my brain when I recall that he was smaller, less developed, had fewer capabilities, etc. Like how sitting up unassisted took forever. Or how tall he was when he first started learning how to slide off the bed backwards.

Jonah is such a sweet little baby boy. Overall he's really even tempered, interactive, conversive, and curious. He's getting more into little tantrums now, mostly when we don't do what he wanted -- such as putting him down when he didn't want to, or if his dad gets him when he wanted me to do something with him. He arches his back dramatically and its hard to hold him up. We either lay him down on the floor and ask him to stop or we pull him in close and hug him for the most part, and that's the best we can do as he learns how to express himself and modulate his feelings. It must be so frustrating to be both independant and dependant and also not fully able to express yourself.

He likes walking around holding our hands or pushing his little Radio Flyer car that he got for Christmas. He also can crawl up and down the stairs really quickly now and some days I have a hard time getting him to wait so I can go with him to help keep him safe. He is also really digging walking the stairs while I hold his hands. He wants to master all these skills and then some. Another favorite is giving him a plastic water bottle with a cap and let him try to figure out how to take it off and put it on all lined up properly. That can keep him occupied for a good half hour or more.

He loves being outside and we try to let him have some good exercise as the weather permits. He does get a good 45 minute stroller walk every day, rain or shine, to our office downtown.

He's still nursing and while he eats solids he still favors milk more. Both for comfort and in place of other foods. He eats, he really does, but he's not yet entered the phase where solids are tops. Also, he needs a good few hours between meals before he's hungry again it seems. He doesn't mind little tastes in between but he can be picky about it as well. We eat dinner in the livingroom as we only have the formal diningroom and no eating area in the kitchen. I sit on the floor by the coffee table and he comes over and stands next to me and shares with me most of the time. He's very interested in learning how to use table cutlery so I try to grab him a teaspoon so he can practice jabbing at the food on my plate. With supervision I will also let him use my fork. It all seems really natural and with our continued nursing realtionship I don't worry too much about him being picky about what he eats.

We go to a class at our local community college once a week and he loves it there. They have a ton of toys and all the other little ones around his age, plus a toddler sized slide and more. We sing songs and when I sing them when we are away from class he gets into it.

He is also a music lover. Most kinds of music will get him waving his hands in the air, even passing cars with their radios on. He has a guitar and a new toy piano, lots of rattles and shakers, some drums and a Leap Frog music table. I have a bunch of music CDs just for him and keep the car CD player loaded up with them for when we are driving around. He also loves when I put his music on to play from my iPhone.

Now that Spring is here I've bumped up his wardrobe a bit as he's going to be in the 2T sizes for a while and it's time to learn how to play outside. He loves the parks in our neighborhood, the swings and slide best but he is also learning how to climb around on one with a platform and a tunnel, which has just enough of a structure that he can climb up it with supervision. Some of the parks have shared trucks and sand toys and he loves trying those out as well.

We are expert truck and airplane spotters in our house now as well. Even when he isn't with me I will think -- "oh look, a cement truck!". We've seen cement trucks, tank trucks, bulldozers, dump trucks, bucket trucks, utility trucks, tow trucks towing cars, drilling trucks, flatbed trucks, and so many more. It it funny how your perspective and attention shift when you have a little one around, you notice things that you took for granted before. Our house is also lined up with the most common coorider for plans approaching Seatac from the north. As a result we can look at planes flying overhead day and night, with lights blinking, peeking out from behind the clouds. And all kinds of planes. And helicopters. He also loves buses -- city buses, little buses, school buses.

His language skills are still developing and right now everything is "UTt" but he has tried out the following words - bird, bus, truck, dog, cat, that, yes, daddy, out, up, done, moon, plane. He also signs, in varying degrees of consistency, for: more, milk, eat, done, diaper, potty, sleep, wash/bath. I'm working with him on: airplane, helicopter, friend, moon, open door. He uses the sign for more a lot. I'll ask him if he is all done or if he wants/needs more and he will sign more if he isn't finished -- as in still needs to go potty even though his diaper is wet, still hungry, wants to swing more at the park, wants to nurse more, etc. It is pretty sweet.

Also, I cancelled the diaper service a few weeks ago and we are exclusively using our own diaper stash of prefolds. We wash every other day and it sure helps to keep the smell down compared to the weekly diaper pick-up. He still uses about 10 prefolds a day, but he is also pottying on top of that. He usually pees three times in the morning when he gets up and three times before bed -- so it is hard to convince him to get undressed all that many times which is why we are using so many. He also hates having his diaper changed now. Something about being mad about being wet and being interupted from what he's doing and who knows what else. I try to tell him that if he doesn't want to use a diaper then he will have to use the potty but its too soon for him to be fully trained.

A few weeks ago he transitioned to one nap and it was a little bumpy. Depending on the day though and how his nap falls, some days he still needs a second nap. Most often we just take a rest in bed and nurse and read books for some quiet time before dinner which seems to help take the edge off.

I'll see about posting more soon.

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Jamie said...

I was searching for hcg charts and a link to a post you made back in 2/05 with links to different sites popped up. I read that post, but had to keep reading...Crazy how things happen, isn't it? :-D

Congratulations on your little boy!