Sunday, August 19, 2007

Looking for a Parent Console for Our Stroller

The Bumbleride Flyer does not include any sort of parent console, though they do include a cup holder with the 2007 model. I've been researching various parent consoles for strollers and its hard to figure out what will work. Here are the ones I've found

Phil & Teds Hang Bag & Belt

InStep Parent Console

BOB handlebar console

Buggy Buddy from Sunshine Kids

Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy

Joovy Cool Essentials Parent Organizer

Maclaren Universal Organizer

Things that are important to me for our Bumbleride Flyer are:
* easy take-on/off for when we switch the handlebar
* compartment for phone, paci, keys

I'm almost tempted to sew one myself but I'm leaning towards ordering the BOB one as I already need to order a Flyer rain cover -- its Seattle and yes, it does rain here.

Update: we did by the BOB one and it has worked out fine, even with the flip of the handle. We just fastened it with a little twist. You have to be mindful a little of what you have put in there, but not that mindful. I don't think anything has fallen out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Agness -- Joelle here. Met you on the tcoyf boards right after you got your BFP last year. Sounds like things are great with your little Jonah. Congratuations!

I'm pregnant -- finally! I'm 11w4d, and had our NT scan today, which went great.

I'm posting to your blog because it's easier than trying to find a recent post on tcoyf.

My question is this. I seem to recall visiting your blog right after Jonah was born and thought I read something about him communicating with you about needing to go potty. I've recently read about the diaper free baby movement and want to learn more. Did you experiment with that? And if so, how did it go?

I thought if you had tried it, you could share your experience or if you've researched it, you could share that as well.

Any info would be much appreciated.


agness said...

I've posted some about it over the past few months. I just started with calling his attention to his elimination while doing diaper changes and then one day when I thought he was going to poop I sat backward with him on the potty.

We only do it part-time but it has worked out well for all of us. Jonah is familiar with using the toilet, as well as elimination in general, and we aren't totally slaves to diapers all the time. I think we average about 2-5 potty trips per day. I think the only rough part was when he was still pooping after almost every feeding and would wake me multiple times a night to potty. Now if we go potty in the night he has a hard time going back to sleep and so we tend to do it less often.

Take a look over the past few months to see more.