Sunday, June 03, 2007

Easy Diaper Changes and Pottying Outfit Observations

When you have a little baby you are doing a lot of diaper changes. I don't think I've ever done so many snaps in all my life as the past few months. Over time though, and after so many different styles of garments, I've come to appreciate certain garments for their ease of changes or removal for pottying on the toilet. Mind you I have a little chunky monkey and we're using cloth prefolds with a cover from the diaper service, so if you have a skinny baby you might feel differently.

Things to look for:
Snap crotch
Narrow elastic that stretches easily (Zutano pants are soft and quickie at changes)
Gowns with snaps up the front and elastic at the bottom (Rabbit Moon makes some really cute ones, spendy but they will last a while and they are super easy on/off)
Short rompers if you can find them (Hanna Andersson rompers are great)
Overalls (the Gymboree ones we have are nice -- pull them off from the top or bottom)

Things to avoid:
Zippers (see Hanna Andersson Baby Zippers)
One-piece outfits that require you to pull bend and pull one leg up to thread it through the leg opening (see Hanna Andersson Baby Zippers)
Wide elastic bands that are snug (lots of things have this we've found)
Garments that snap up the side and at the crotch -- they can be really confusing to assemble and aren't easy to figure out

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