Saturday, January 27, 2007

No word back from the doctor's office -- I'm going to talk to him on Monday about how disappointed I am to be neglected in this manner at this late stage. I called in 5 times over the past week and all I got back was one message with a couple of times on my home phone from a nurse or something. Totally unacceptable. My friend said last night that this was how my pg could be like a natural delivery -- you just never know when its going to happen.

I got through the work week, and finally got a bit more rest Wed and Thurs nights. No more going into the office for a while.

My big things this week are (mine you my partner is going to be helping with many of these things):

  • Get windows repaired in baby's room (Sun)

  • Get infant car seat installed in my car

  • Baby shower tomorrow afternoon (I just know I'm going to cry)

  • Color my hair (since it's going to be a while before I can do it again)

  • Arrange for moving a sofa from my house to the office

  • Work on finding a pediatrician

  • Order some Prowrap diaper covers and Snappis (for the cloth diapers, due for delivery next week)

  • Get furniture moved back into baby's room from guest room

  • Move boxes of my books into my office out of the hall

  • Order new mattress for guest room bed so my mother won't hate me when she comes to stay and help out (it's a really crappy mattress that I bought when I was 23 and had no money)

  • Tidy up around the house (including washing the kitchen floor)

And when I'm not keeping busy with all that I've got knitting and work to keep me busy.

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