Monday, January 01, 2007

Did I tell you all that I'm scheduling the c/s for 2/15? We've decided. So unless baby decides to make an early entrance we have a finish line.

I put my name in for the diaper service and we're working on the nursery, trying to finish up the painting. I have an order of things coming from babycenter that should arrive tomorrow, my mother helped me pick out more layette items and sheets while she was here.

I don't have any breast feeding supplies of any kind yet, nor for diapering either. We also have to decide on the baby's crib and get that ordered. More shopping to do still yet.


Anonymous said...

I added a link on my blog to yours almost two years ago, then slowly made my way away from my site until now. I'm so happy to be back in blogging and very excited about your wonderful news! Congradulations, and I can't wait to hear about your wonderful baby in Febuary!

AJ -

agness said...

Thanks AJ. I'm starting to get nervous now. Boy the changes that are due to come in a few weeks -- how does one really ever prepare for their first child?

The Rebound Girl said...

Agness was going into labor naturally an option and then proceeding with c-section or was it always a planned event?