Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fighting a cold

My partner's been fighting something for days and now I think I'm getting it as well. It seems like just a cold right now, a little sneezing and fatigue. I was so tired that I wanted to lay down at work around 3pm but I pushed on until 5:30 pm and then headed out. I came home and crashed out asleep in bed for two hours -- yes I was hungry but I was more tired than hungry so I opted to sleep first.

When I woke up I felt so crappy but I needed to eat something. My partner's out of town so I was on my own and feeling completely unmotivated to cook. I opted to open a can of sardines and have that with a carrot and some crackers. Nice. Actually sardines have calcium and iron so they are a good thing to eat, and being smaller fish they have less build up of heavy metals such as mercury compared with tuna. For dessert, since I was still hungry I warmed up some peaches that I froze in September in slices -- good for folic acid. Not the most gourmet of meals but well rounded at least.

Time for me to get back in bed now though.


Caprice said...

Anne, you look lovely as always! What are you planning/hoping for for the birth? I'd love to hear about that...

Anonymous said...


I have been following your journey and it has inspired me to sort my IF issues out.

By the way you look like you are having a girl!

agness said...

We're still working on the delivery plans but I do need to have a c-section due to the myomectomy two years ago.

I'll post more about that in a future post. :)