Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ack! The Dentist

I had my 6 month dentist appointment this morning. I only got to see the hygienist as my body started to lose it as the cleaning and curretage progressed. First things felt like they were getting dark, then I felt like I was getting nauseous, then I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up and I had to sit up twice to try to settle my body down. Finally I said that my body had enough and that was it, so I didn't even get to see my dentist. It was rather upsetting -- though my teeth and gums look great she said. I even got teary about it, and would have cried if I had let myself.

My acupuncturist's office is down the hall so I went there for a while to sit in their reception. I checked in with one of the acus I see and asked her about the blood sugar/adrenaline sensativity that I've been feeling (a little stress and I feel sick for hours, plus that's what's been waking me up at night). She said that it sounded like my kidney energy was needing adjusting so I set up a couple appointments and hopefully that will help make a difference.

Then I bought a hot chocolate on my way to the office, figuring the sugar/chocolate plus the comfort factor would make me feel better.


Anonymous said...

i came across your blog and suddenly thought that you were writing about me!
I've had a myomectomy, miscarriages, am currently about 6 months, showing abt the same as you and to top it all have also just recently got a toyota prius. I also have pregnancy dreams! And I've just been to the dentist. And i too will be flying during TXGVNG.

What is your due date? Mine is feb 10. 2007 but doctor suggests c-section around 37 weeks because of the extensive nature of my earlier surgery.


agness said...

Hi Meera,

How crazy is all that. We must be living in parallel universes.

My due date is 2/17 based on my ovulation date, and as predicted by the Ovusoft software application. This was confirmed by one of my early ultrasounds.

My OB though uses the stupid pregnancy wheel, and I ovulated two days late so he doesn't take that into consideration.

Since I have to have a c-section, the dates are so close and my doctor is cool otherwise I'm not making a big deal about it.

Did you read my post about uterine rupture. I know there are risks with contractions and labor but since so many women deliver late with their first babies, and my doctor, my partner and I are in a agreement that delivering a premature baby is something we want to avoid, we're comfortable with watchful waiting. We'll know in early February what we are going to do.

Since so much time has passed between my myo and the delivery I feel really comfortable with this.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

hi Agness,
Yes, I did read your post on risks of uterine rupture. From what i understand though there are no symptoms of it, are there? Watchful waiting is good, but I am not sure what signs to watch out for? I also dont think I will go in to labor early because of my family history (both me and my brother arrived just after our due dates) and would like to wait till I'm atleast 37 weeks. But the Dr. who did my myomectomy 1.5 years ago does not advise going beyond 37 weeks and had a talk with my OB about this (discussed the nature of the incision etc). I am hoping it will go well, but am concerned about the rupture.

agness said...

It sounds like scars can spread thin without any symptoms. Rupture can happen prior, but note that the statistics were still only about 9-12% and those were grossly in favor of rupture during labor not prior.

Still, if you are going to rupture, it can happen at any time.

Having been through labor with both of my miscarriages I've developed some familiarity with how my body changes hormonally prior to the event. So, any big shifts and I think we'll get in for the c-section. My hospital is just 10 minutes drive away from my house/work (if that) and it has full-time emergency obstetrical staff so it should be okay.

Right now I'm just glad that we're past 25 weeks (26 weeks starts tomorrow!) and moving closer to the finish line. That in itself seems like a huge accomplishment, particularly since I have that other large fibroid now.

O_Scientist said...

Came across your blog and just wanted to send good thoughts to you and your baby. I am glad things are going so well for you!