Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pregnancy Dreams #1

Last night I dreamt that I had another abdominal surgery. I woke up from the blackness and it was days later. I saw the incision. I removed a mask from my face that was giving me oxygen and there was a scab on my nose as if they had scraped it putting the mask on me -- but enough days had passed that it was starting to peel. I kept thinking how much longer it took this time as I was only in the hospital from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon when I had my myo two years ago. It seemed like 4-1/2 days this time in my dream.

Last week I had a dream that I was looking at my breast and milk started coming out. Just a little but it was sort of interesting to me in my dream.

Weeks ago I had a dream that we got a new baby kitten.


Caprice said...

Ann, you look beautiful!

Alegna (ovusoft) said...

Hi Ann
When I was PG I used to dream that I had a kitten sitting on my tummy.
3 months to go, Im so excited for you. The love of your life is coming closer and closer everyday.