Sunday, August 20, 2006

Still Not Out

I still haven't told anyone at work about my pregnancy but I'm now 14 weeks. It's going to be hard to keep it from people much longer but I really don't feel like telling.

My mother is in town visiting me and she asked me when I was going to tell my staff and I said perhaps not at all. Can't they just figure it out on their own?

I feel like my emotional history with fertility is so loaded that people trivially saying "congratulations" to me is just so not even on the mark.

My mother and I went shopping today and got me a few more things to wear. I now have a new long sleeve tee, stretch corderoy with a demi band skirt, brown maternity dress and maternity black jacket that is suitable for work. The jacket has zipped up darts in the front that can be opened to provide more belly coverage later on. So add those to one pair of demi panel jeans from the gap and my bigger undies and it's a start of a new wardrobe that will keep me from going naked.

It's weird how I keep moving through my closet and eliminating things as they just don't fit any more. My favorite corderoy jean jacket that's all cropped and fitted can't be buttoned any longer -- mostly due to the new larger rack I'm carrying for instance. Another Ann Taylor top that I really like is now poised for the storage closet as the "girls" were busting out the other day. Either that or else I need to become less of a prude. At least my socks still fit.


Anonymous said...

The clothing cycle really is quite an interesting phenomenon. I am quite a spendthrift when it comes to clothing. I hate shopping for clothes and while shopping for maternity wear was an interesting new experience to be sure, I wasn't excited about paying a lot for items I'd only wear for a few months. Luckily there is a maternity resale shop here in town that helped me get started pretty cheaply. The best thing though, was the surprise items already in my closet that worked with the new and improved butt/bust/hips. I'm glad you were able to find some things that you think will work for work. Unfortunately, a lot of maternity clothes just aren't appropriate for a working setting (shirt with word "Baby" and an arrow pointing down for example...)

Anonymous said...

Your staff may already know. Ladies have a way of figuring things out. Starting to show sometimes sucks because people who don't know just think you have gained weight. It is really fun around the 6 month because your tummy will look like baby weight and not extra pounds. I love reading your blog and I can't wait for your thoughts on the early days of being a mommy.

agness said...

Hi Deb and Gato,

I don't think my staff already know. I work mostly with guys, and the couple of women in the office I don't work with that closely and they sit in a different part of the office.

I think when I do tell my designers they will be like "oh, so that's why you are so weird" because my eating habits have changed and occassionally I just lay down on the floor as I'm so tired.

The one person that would have noticed is taking a few weeks leave currently, but when she comes back, if I haven't said anything she will surely figure it out.

Deb-- thanks for reading :) I think that's the part that scares me, the having a little creature to take care of all the time. That sounds way more daunting to me than being a business owner.