Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I've got to go do some more shopping right now (RIGHT NOW), the wardrobe pickings are becoming slimmer and slimmer. It might just be me though, as my goal is to de-emphasize the belly. I had to try on 3-4 outfits this morning and was almost stuck. I'm not ready to be outed yet. I don't think I want to be treated like a pregnant woman.

Its kinda weird having my uterus grow now but not have it be like the first time where it grew really fast due to the fibroid being in there as well. My belly is about as round as it was post myo now, and a bit bigger than when the fibroid was in there -- but since the pg is softer and and more fluid than that 9x11cm fibroid it isn't as uncomfortable. Still though, things are definately starting to pick up in the belly growth area. I don't really know how large Twyla (the new fibroid) is, I'm rather assuming she's grown some but modestly.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so interested on what your dr said about the natural csection. Are you going to do the blood tests (Triple screen AFP)? I bet that your belly isn't as big as you think. We are so critical about ourselves. I hope Twyla behaves herself and stay at bay. I coninue to think about you and I am praying as I know a lot of people are for you!