Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Working on my support team

I set up an appt. with my ob/gyn for June 6th to discuss our game plan for my next pregnancy (should I be so lucky) as I feel a little vague about how he intends to make me feel supported through this time. I've decided to hold off on RE treatment for the foreseeable future, it wasn't sitting right for me. Still I need to have the confidence that my ob's office isn't going to treat me like any old obstetrics patient, not after four (give or take) years of TTC and two miscarriages.

Why does that seem to be such a loaded thing -- seeing the doc two weeks after O......I had already scheduled an appointment with my RE for the day I found out I was pg the first time two year ago. With my second pregnancy last year I was scheduled for a pelvic exam a few days after I tested positive but I cancelled because it made me nervous to just be meeting with a nurse-practitioner, especially one that I didn't know -- it was with a different ob/gyn practice though. Hmmmmm.

I still think I need to definately add a counselor to the mix, so that I'm feeling more supported psychologically through this endeavor and not as isolated. I've got some counselor recommendations through the PNWSMTB Yahoo group -- Pacific NW Seattle Mommies To Be -- which has been helpful. Now I just have to work up my courage to call.

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