Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Introducing my new fibroid

I just had my RE appointment this afternoon and it was an interesting experience. My partner basically laid it out there for her, that we were feeling that it was worse to get pregnant than to not get pregnant -- since losing the pregnancies was far worse than not having them. She suggested that we try using Femara to induce ovulation for a few cycles, in the hopes of promoting a stronger ovulation. After a few cycles we could then move on to trying IUI. She said that really, in spite of my partner's poor morphology, that getting pregnant on our own really was the ultimate test of his fertility.

We also discussed and scheduled a HSG for next week, to check for adhesions, any damage to the lining from the two d&cs and make sure the tubes are open. Sounds reasonable, and its what I wanted.

I brought up again that I had read that low ferritin had been linked by some doctors in Britain to lower fertility and increased miscarriage rates and she dismissed me and said that she had never heard that and it wasn't something that she would check for on her own. If I pressed she would do the bloodwork but whatever.

Then she suggested that we do an ultrasound right then and there to see about any new fibroids. Sure I thought, but there weren't any when I had my ultrasounds around the last miscarriage. Low and behold, there was a brand new 2.5 x 3.5 cm intramural fibroid, but away from the uterine lining and towards the outer wall of my uterus. I was in total disbelief. I just went through major abdominal surgery just 14 months before, and there wasn't anything on the scan last June. How could this happen so fast, and in the same are of my uterus?

She said it seemed to be pushing the right ovary out of the way a bit, distorting it on the scan. How nice eh? She said she doesn't think it is causing me any problems right now. She also checked my lining via ultrasound and said that it didn't appear inconsistent which can sometimes be an indicator of adhesions. I'm going to have an HSG on Tuesday next week to check my tubes. If that all looks okay then we'll try for a few cycles using Femara/Letrozole to see if maybe there is an ovulation dysfunction that we can override.

As my doctor was leaving the operatory I said dryly, "well at least I've been growing something in there," and she totally didn't know what to say but then she laughed (my twisted sense of humor overwhelms them you see).

So what should we name this new little interloper?

Some of the lovely things you find in the RE's office.


Crystal said...

I'm sorry. Shit. Well, at least she seems positive about it, or at least as positive as can be. I really hope your HSG goes well and that is all clear. Will you be doing an IUI with your Femara?

agness said...

Nope, we're going to try a few cycles au naturale, with the exception of the Letrozole. My RE referred to our two unassisted conceptions as the ultimate semen analysis so at least we should try to rule out something with me on the ovulation side first.

My partner prefers not to do an IUI if we can get around it, he has some pride about these things. It seems a reasonable plan.

nikole said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the new fibroid. Can't a girl get a break? What exactly does the Letrozole do? Stimulate ovulation/follicle development? I'm thinking of you.