Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm doing okay but feeling very emotional today. My mother had her surgery and it went well, the cancer hadn't spread at all.

I'm still holding my breath until we have a scan that shows that there is something actually growing in there and not just a blighted ovum like last time. As the day for the scan grows nearer I find myself getting more and more emotional and scared about it. I've been trying not to get my hopes up at all but instead I've been feeling a bit alone about it. I just feel like I've got awful PMS and maybe it will stick and maybe it won't but it's a really hard place to be in. So when you add that on top of the other stuff going on in my life I'm having a hard time not crying while writing right now.

And depending on what treatment my mother has I might not be able to see her, because radiation would make her radioactive and pg women and children (sometimes adults as well) are supposed to stay away.

Even if you get a BFP there is no solace and you don't necessarily feel like you have accomplished anything other than a delayed AF.:(

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Anna H. said...

This is one of the truly awful things about IF -- that the pain and worry continue well beyond the positive test. I'm so sorry you have to be experiencing any of this.

Waiting with you...